PWC 2020 - Tuesday February 4

7:00 - 9:00 / Mill Managers’ Roundtable - Safety

Room: Mc Gill

By invitation only


Room: Place du Canada

Talent as a critical enabler of long term value creation

Market capitalization of public companies is increasingly driven by intangibles, but which ones? The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism is tackling that fundamental question through the Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC).

The EPIC project had 31 participants: 22 asset managers and asset owners with US$30 trillion under management and 9 public companies with US$2 trillion in market capitalization. Clearly, investors are calling companies to become more long-term oriented as a strategic opportunity to define a value creation model. Investors want to know more about human capital management and organizational cultural alignment.

The panel will review the approach and conclusions of EPIC as it relates to talent. What is the market looking for and how shall we measure progress? How shall companies in our industry articulate their human capital value narrative, especially in an era of scarce talent?

Panel Moderator: Anne-Marie Hubert, Associée directrice pour l’Est du Canada / Eastern Canada Managing Partner, Ernst & Young


suzanneblanchetSuzanne Blanchet
Administratrice de sociétés / Corporate Director

audreymurrayAudrey Murray
Labour Market Partners Board / Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT)

KevinEdgsonKevin Edgson
President and CEO / Président et chef de la direction, EACOM Timber Corporation

amhubertAnne-Marie Hubert
Associée directrice pour l’Est du Canada / Eastern Canada Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

10:00 - 10:30 / Networking in Tradeshow

10:30 - 12:00

Safety session

Room: Saint-Denis

10:30 "TBA", TBA, TBA
11:00 "TBA", TBA, TBA
11:30 "TBA", TBA, TBA

Bleaching Technical session

Room: Notre-Dame

10:30 "Best Practices for Trial Work", Mona Henderson, Valmet
11:00 "TCF Pulp Bleaching for Viscose Pulp Production", Alexis Métais, Xylem
11:30 "Wash Press Installation and Commissioning", Honey Nampak, Harmac Pacific

Environment Technical session

Room: Mansfield

10:30 "Deforestation in Canada and Other Fake News", John Mullinder, PPEC
11:00 "Managing Per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) Waste Discharge to Avoid Surface Water Contamination", Mike Weatherill, Purolite
11:30 "Utilizing predictive BOD via the peCOD method for Nutrient Optimization in Wastewater Treatment", Robert Menegotto, Mantech

12:00 - 13:15 / KEYNOTE LUNCHEON

Room: Place du Canada

Luncheon Panel: Digitization of the Industry - Perspectives for the Forest Sector

Thanks to new digital technologies, virtual forests are coming and forest management takes a leap into the digital age. Digitalization will likely transform the forest industry.

However, the application of these technologies are still relatively embryonic. The panelists will walk us through the innovations in data science and artificial intelligence and provide their perspectives on how these innovations can be effectively applied and how they can change the decision-making in forest value chains.

Panel Moderator: Stéphane Renou, CEO, FPInnovations


renouStéphane Renou,
CEO, FPInnovations

  • Other Panelists to be announced shortly

13:15 - 13:30 / Coffee and Dessert in Tradeshow

13:30 - 15:00

Bleaching Technical session

Room: Notre-Dame

13:30 "pH in the BP - Why Its Important and What To Do About It.  Part 1", Doug Reid, Nouryon
14:00 "pH in the BP - Why Its Important and What To Do About It.  Part 2", Doug Reid, Nouryon
14:30 "Bleach plant instrumentation", Michael Doucet, BTG

Safety session

Room: Saint-Denis

13:30 "D’un leader à un autre : comment influencer positivement la culture d’entreprise" (En français)
Pierre Janelle, Vice-président Fabrication, Kruger Cartonnage

Difficile de faire de réels gains en santé et sécurité du travail (SST) sans en faire une véritable priorité. Pour améliorer durablement vos résultats, changez durablement vos pratiques. En d'autres termes, faites de la SST un élément-clé de votre culture.


Environment Technical session

Room: Mansfield

13:30 "Pulp and Paper Meet Sustainability Objectives in Innovative Ways", Steve Birtch, Aggreko
14:00 "Use of Ozone for Cooling Towers", Alexis Métais, Xylem
14:30 "TBA", TBA, TBA

15:00 - 15:30 / Networking in Tradeshow

15:30 - 17:00

Papermaking Technical session

Room: Saint-Denis

15:30 "EcoFill - Innovative and Proven Technology for Enhancing Paper Strength", Mike Wallace and Peter Jelinek, Kemira
16:00 "Future of MES – Towards Autonomous mills", Timo Arra, Tieto CANADA
16:30 "Innovative Smart Digital Platforms", Andy Bergeron, Kemira

Table ronde santé/sécurité (session en français)

Room: Crescent

Santé/sécurité et Reconnaissance au travail
Animateur : Jean-Pierre Brun Expert conseil associé, Professeur de management Université Laval

Le professeur et auteur Jean-Pierre Brun apportera toute son expertise sur la reconnaissance au travail (collective et non seulement individuelle), l’engagement et la santé-sécurité.

Environment Technical session

Room: Mansfield

15:30 "Reduction of water consumption and wastewater fibre loss in the pulp and paper industry - effects on the bottom line", Jean-Claude Paradis, Stantec
16:15 "Due diligence as an effective protection for directors and officers responsibility", Alice Minville, Delegatus

17:00 - 18:30 / NETWORKING RECEPTION in Tradeshow

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